fashion tribes in tokyo
words and pictures by maiko kisaka


It is very difficult to find out romantic space to relax for lovers in Tokyo. It is full of stupid kids and their young mothers, noisy students escaped from school in cafes or restaurants. When you try to kiss, they start to stare at you and whisper critically but curiously till you stop or move out. Poor love nomads - where is the promised land?

If it is hard to even kiss in public, imagine the difficulty to find a good place to make love in Tokyo. Going to your house, there could be your mom or brother but you can not afford to stay in a double room in a hotel. Also you like to carry on the shopping in a fashionable area, not in your home place, after wild time.

However you can use 'love hotels', which are specific hotels for making love. Love hotels are close to fashionable area or close to motorways. They look cheesy, using ice cream colours as pale pink, and kitsch paintings on the wall, sometimes shaped in a European castle.

At the front desk you can choose to stay in or to take rest for 2 hours, then you can choose the room by looking at the panel of the unoccupied rooms in the hotel. Normally it cost you about only £20 to £25 to take 2-hour-rest.

Entering the chosen room, you will find many interesting things to enjoy your time with your partner, such as karaoke(see image 1), a vending-machine of colourful sex toys (image 2), a mini fridge, a microwave, a Playstation, videos, an electric piano (image 3) and condoms, definitely!

And there is no need to worry that somebody can see your number-plate when you park your car. Normally love hotels provide you a blind-board for it to protect your privacy.

Thus you can get literally 'safe sex'! This is the making love in Japanese style.

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Maiko Kisaka is a Japanese illustrator who specialises in erotic, provocative and funny drawings. Contact for more information.


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