WHERE TO FIND A GAY INDIE HIPSTER DANCE PARTY ANYWHERE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! (Here are your options for New York, Toronto, London, LA or San Francisco, anyway...)





Weekly gay indie hipster party in New York. Check out the Photos pages on their website for some real eye candy. Also, 22 year old dj/organizer Geordan of MisShapes is FINE!

Gay Williamsberg listings

Written a little while ago, but a good starting point for further explorations...














Club V

Will Munro (the guy that made all those rock n' roll undies, including the ones that Peaches wore for her last tour, and the guy that wrote that amazing "get back into the closet" piece originally for beardburn and then re-published in the Village Voice) hosts a night in Toronto originally called Vazaleen.This was originally for the G.B Jones/Bruce LaBruce set, but has become a lot less hardcore and a lot more Le Tigre-esque. Now the night is called Club V. Last Friday of each month at Lee's Palace. Check the listings (search for Club V or Munro) for further information. There's also a fun article about the night here, about how indie kids used to hate sex, and now they like to DANCE!




The New York one came second. The London one is the big sister.


DIY regular East end London gay indie parties.


Every second Saturday, Upstairs at the Garage. Sleazy punk, riot grrl, electro, rap, etc. Bands like Gravy Train!!!! playing live. You know it makes sense.

Unskinny Bop

Every third Saturday at the Pleasure Unit. A disco for girls, gays and misfits. Even fatties and gingers! Even fat gingers!


Club Wonky

A night of indie, electro, riot grrrl and 80s pop, for the discerning homosexual who loathes hard house.


#4: L.A.!

Home of Vaginal Crème Davis and many indie gay porn stars like Cole Tucker, recent gay indie events include:


An effort to the return to Café Society Paris, Roaring Twenties, and Weimar Berlin. The style and allure of the 1920s 'flaming' youth movement and sub culture, ripe with wit, whimsy and subversion.

Vox Pop

More like a British gay club, but in LA.




The Eagle Bar

Great gay bar in San Fran that has live rock bands every Thursday night, and is a good place to see a show. They spin excellent music there too every night, as opposed to the usual gay bar crapola. Nice outdoor patio too!

SF queer events

Great list of queer (many underground) events happening in the Bay area.

#6: OTHER!

Unfortunately, although Chicago started a lot of this with their Homocore Scene, they haven't really been throwing parties since 2000… And Detroit as well doesn't seem to have much happening specifically relating to Indie Queer stuff. Boston and Atlanta, at last check also do not seem to have much going for them. But that could change! Start an event. Make it happen…

If your queer indie event is not listed here, and you want it to be, drop us an email. What's happening outside London? Let us know!


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The Runaways

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Gravy Train!!!

Janelle Hessig

Bruce Labruce

Le Tigre

Ryan McGinley

Slava Mogutin








Whilst tripping off his tits at 3am, Brian Wilson bought a telescope shop, because it pissed him off that there were no telescope shops open at that time of night. Rrriight.