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He looks disappointed. “People call me pretentious, but I wanted to make an album that was accessible superficially and also interesting from an academic perspective. I hope with analysis people will be able to see the depth with which I’ve written these lyrics. I spent a long time crafting them. Pretentious to me is not a valid term – it’s a word people misuse when they really mean ‘filled with content’. Pretentious is by definition assuming your audience knows more than they actually do: not spelling things out. To my mind, if there are superficial pleasures available to any listener then you can put as much complexity in as you want.”

OK. So. <I>He Poos Clouds<I>. Initiate me.
“The eight schools of magic in Dungeons and Dragons are abduration, illusion, conjuration, necromancy, enchantment, evocation, divination, and transmutation. For this record, I was trying to pick each of these schools and write songs about day-to-day phenomena which could represent these particular things.

So, for example, [the track] ‘He Poos Clouds’ represents illusion. It’s all about being in love with a video game character, and involvement in an illusory world. ‘Do You Love’ is about transmutation – about cookery and plastic surgery, the art of transmuting one thing into another. In the song the protagonist – myself – realises that, despite having a knack for cooking, it’s quite impossible to turn back into a younger version of yourself through plastic surgery. ‘Song Song Song’ is about evocation – creating something out of nothing. It’s a call for women to ignore the male music criticism of the world, and create their own musical language. And so it goes on.

“And at the end, a pooka, which appears in the Irish novelist Flann O’Brien’s book <I>At Swim Two Birds<I> – it’s a winged devil that likes to cause trouble – turns up and chastises me for using <I>Dungeons and Dragons<I> to examine routine events. He says, ‘Why are all your songs about the things that don’t exist?’ He’s telling me I’ve got to start writing about commonplace things instead. At which point the pooka flies away, I (in the song) put down my bow, and the record ends.’





That’s pretty sweet. I rescind the ‘impenetrable’. Replace it with ‘rewarding’.

You say your music’s about sex, and that this is a happy, party record full of good vibes. You say you hope that no one who’s listened to your music will ever again entertain thoughts of suicide. What’s that about? The violin so often symbolises melancholy…

“It’s not that the music of Final Fantasy is like aural Prozac,” he says. “But with both the music and in terms of my external personality, I’m trying to be an antidote to the Elliott Smiths and Kurt Cobains and Ian Curtises of this world. I want to be the reverse of that – to still make music about sex and death, but to be incredibly available to anyone who emails me. I’ll be active in online and social communities – if someone on a message board says my album title is crap, I want to get in there and post and defend myself!

“I mean, I like listening to The Smiths, but sometimes I wonder if Morrissey hates us. Hates his fans. Sometimes I feel like he’s deliberately trying to incite people to commit suicide. He’s creating himself as a god who demands sacrifice. Because if he’s not belittling you, then he’s telling you your life is worthless. And maybe it’s all a joke but he’s so unavailable to society, as though he’s the equivalent of the Catholic Church, and his CD is the pope. The only way to communicate with him is through the music. I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be behind a mask.

Like right now. I’ve just told you everything. I feel like I’ve just slit my stomach open and spilled my guts out all over Tomlab’s sofa, just for this interview. And you know what? That’s the way it ought to be.”

He Poos Clouds is out now on Tomlab



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