Don't just take our word for it. Here's what a few people had to say about AMP.

From Dollymix: WOMAN OF THE WEEK?

Da Capo

My essay on Kevin Blechdom has been chosen for inclusion in the Da Capo Best Music Writing anthology 2006, edited by Mary Gaitskill (who is also one of my very favourite writers, hurrah!) "Da Capo Best Music Writing has become one of the most eagerly awaited annuals of them all. Celebrating the year in music writing by gathering a rich array of essays, missives, and musings on every style of music from rock to hip-hop to R&B to jazz to pop to blues and more, it is essential reading for anyone who loves great music and accomplished writing."

Guardian logo

A review in the Guardian as part of their 'Shelf Awareness' feature on women's media: " delivers it to you straight. Whether it's about how to pee standing up or what to do with a mooncup, AMPnet tells you exactly what you need to know, and wouldn't dream of leaving out any of the gory details. The lady in charge is Miss AMP, a journalist who writes for the music and style press, and established AMPnet as a print and e-zine in 1998. AMPnet often manages to wangle big-name interviewees from the music and art world, particularly feisty young women such as MC Shystie (who told AMPnet why size does matter) and grime star Lady Sovereign. Miss AMP also includes reportage from around the world, most recently a feature from Tokyo about the development of host bars where women can pay pretty young male things to hang out with them. Keeping her ears to the ground has won Miss AMP a nomination for the Emap webzine award, and reading AMPnet will help you out-Nathan Mr Barley." (<--- not true!) The Editor guide to women's media also featured the print AMP mag as 'Our Pick of the Girl Zines', along with such mega-titles as Bust, Mystery Date and Girlfrenzy.

Emap fanzine awards logo

AMPnet almost won the Emap fanzine award for Best Webzine 2004! But it didn't. It came third. And you don't get to brag about coming third. Boo!

The Independent

AMPnet was featured in The independent newspaper's article 'Sisters: Women doing it on the web'.

Time Out included us in their Guide to Bohemian London, saying ''If you like to dress up in sparkly charity shop frocks while fantasising about sex with brutish, hairy, ugly men, then you need this beautiful 16-page booklet for its wit and wisdom'. And who doesn't? They said ludicrously nice stuff about our chazzing section - something about Miss AMP being queen of East London chazzing, hur hur, - but we've lost our copy so can't quite remember what they said. Can anyone help?

Bizarre logo

Even freaky bondage-loving old dudes dig AMP! Especially freaky bondage-loving old dudes. 'Superb grrlzine', Bizarre reckoned. (Click for full text.)

Bust logo

"Oh. My. God. First, the name, AMP - all caps, all rock - and it only gets better from there.' Top American zine Bust loved AMP. 'Reading AMP is like passing notes with your girlfriends in school, but even cooler. This zine is true to its motto: 'It's the tits!' (Click for full text.)

ELLE logo

A quickie mention in a Vintage? Over? Discuss article in Elle. "Website has started collecting such vintage horror stories in its Thrift Trauma section. One victim sent the following about her experience at a charity shop in Clapham, south London. 'Trying on a pinstripe man's suit jacket for that Patti Smith look, I slide my hands into the pockets in order to slouch attractively before the mirror. My hands touch something cold, plastic, wet. A knotted, used condom full of sperm.' I bet Kate Moss never had to deal with problems like this."


A full shiny page in a style mag... mmm, luxury. 'AMP offers a fascinatingly different approach to modern life'...'a truly inspirational and witty critique of modern culture'. Wow! PiL are our new best friends. Official. (Click here for full text.)

Reviewzine Bypass reviewed our zine thus: 'High quality stuff. Fun, informative, well-laid out, good graphics, plus the best music reviews I've read in ages.'


A dream came true for our editrix when she - well, her website - appeared in this teen magazine for the second time. The first was age 14, sporting tasty gold hoop earrings and a brooch with little gold chains dangling off it. Nice. 'One of the best grrrl sites on the Net', they wrote.


The Big Issue ran a piece on the AMP website in its multimedia section, declaring the site to be 'full of go-get-'em grrrly attitude'.