Julia Große on the timeless appeal of a mouthless plastic cat.

Everything gets old sometimes. Everything! You, Hello Kitty, but you not. Little, little white cat!

When the japanese toyfactory Sanrio invented Hello Kitty in 1975, she looked exactly the same as today.She weared a red loop at her left ear, blue dungarees, her little, little hands looked like mitten and she had no mouth. No mouth and she was a star! A silent star we could always talk to.

She looked, we understod. Sounds absurd. Hello Kitty got Sanrio's topcharacter, because every little girl wanted to be and live like her. For Birthday I brought my best friend a Hello Kitty-towel. I got Hello-Kitty-notepaper. When a friend from Japan told us that they had Hello-Kitty-Shirts there, we got jealous. On Japan, on the little Japonese girls there.


Hello Kitty was born 1975 in London and today she's one year older than me. Her weight is the same as those of three apples. I went to school and did my homework. Hello Kitty made teaparties, baked delicious donuts, met her friends, little cute monkeys, rabbits, moles, or played the piano. Her whole live was similar to the live of little school girls in Japan.


The thing that made us laugh and cry was Hello Kittys timeless, supercute face and her curious silence. Nobody has Hello Kitty ever heard saying a single word. But that didn't interest us. We loved to be silent. Be silent while be surrounded by Hello Kittys perfect world of plastic.

The boys are Hello Kittys enemies. In the internet you can find a group called "Adult male Kittyhaters". One of them, Tim from USA, wrote a very disgusting poem:

Hello Kitty has no mouth, but she always tells the truth. Hello Kitty has no mouth, but her breath is minty fresh. Hello Kitty has no mouth, but where has all the porridge gone?
Hello Kitty has no mouth, but she's bulimic.
Hello Kitty has no mouth, but hey, cocaine goes through the nose!



But for us Hello Kitty always stays the same. She never grows old and always looks good. Ok, she goes with the time, is snowboarding and you can find her face on sushi-maschines and vibrators. But in the inside, she stayed always the same. Hello Kitty has no mouth. So what? The message she's got is simple: Make yourself comfortable. Always try to look good. Always have something to bake at home.

Julia Große




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