The Cast Off Knitting Club
In need of a (knitted) cigarette, hand grenade, dishcloth or pair of nipple tassles? Cast Off can help...



Knit one. Purl one. Knit one. WTF?

Who remembers how to knit? Not me. Who wants to knit, anyway? if I wanna keep my fingers busy, I'll smoke a fag and twiddle my hair, right? And if I want a new sweater, hell, I'll just go buy one.

Such cavelier attitudes are an anathema to the ladies and gentlemen of the Cast Off Knitting Club for Boys and Girls. They definitely know how to knit, and they're happy to teach those that don't.

The Cast Off Knitting Club is devoted to revitalising the long-neglected craft of knitting, and creating some damn funky objets d'art in the process. Or are they objets du monde? Cast Off Founder Rachael Matthews isn't quite sure...

'Are Cast Off products art or fashion? They're both and neither,' she says. 'I think of it as a kind of make-your-own fashion'.

Cast Off products are sold in fashion boutiques around London, but the kits are more interactive and creative than the usual boutique selection of bangles and baubles. Cast Off products are complete knitting kits including coloured thread, needles and patterns.

But get those images of grandad cardies and baby booties outta your head, this is a whole nother ball game. The Cast Off collection invoves three separate lines - Domestic, Love, and Going Out.

The Domestic collection features useful household items that even inexperienced knitters can create, such as Knit Your Own Dishcloth and Knit Your Own Exfoliating Bath Sponge. Then things get saucy with the Love collection - knit your own garters, blindfolds and nipple tassles - and once the bedroom has been exhausted, it's time for Going Out, which includes covers for headphones, and Felt Your Own Slipmat.


Other kits in the Cast Off repetoire include Knit Your Own Cigarette and Knitted Big Toe Protectors (so useful for those nights down the front at gigs when you stupidly wore your flipflops!) - plus knitted hand grenades, lipsticks and every hipster's essential accessory - the wristband.

If you're tired of being a passive consumer and fancy getting proactive on fashion's ass - or are simply looking for the perfect funny gift - Cast Off Knitting Kits might just be exactly what you're after.



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