Cat Reviews Pt 3:
CAT POWER Takes Off Bra, Gets Into Bed with Miss AMP


The cars that go BOOM: we send a chick who can't drive to a customised car cruise...


investigative journalism from the fringes of girl culture #724:the sponge

hey cute fat girl!
"I want big booty ass like two melons, and I want it fat and proud and in my face!" Our writer scours the indie scene for some slappable rump



'Young lady, I want you to learn to pee standing up. Facing forwards. Like a geezer.' You what?


COOL SEX IN TOKYO!!! 'It is very difficult to find out romantic space to relax for lovers in Tokyo. When you try to kiss, people stare at you and whisper till you stop. Poor love nomads - where is the promised land?' At the LOVE HOTEL!

CONFESSIONS OF A BREASTIBITIONIST: meet the girl who just can't stop getting her tits out for the... well, whoever really.


secondhand berlin
Sarah Stephenson surveys the sorry state of Berlin's second-hand scene.


chelsea and me

'The charity shopper can subvert the power of the shop name by enjoying both the obsolescence and the diversity of the brands she wears. But, almost inevitably, she becomes loyal to a label too...'

Denim skirts? Big belts? Blusher? Nao! says Claudia Conway. Discover the allure of the corset, the pallid face, the bleeding lip! Goth is SEX. Find out why.


pix by SEFF LEPPARD'As much as I dream of being that girl who presses her bare ass against law firm windows, flings used tamps at jilted lovers, and licks hot-lookin' strangers on the cheek upon realizing I'd enjoy them rimming me, I usually just end up shit-talking out my ears...'
Heathy Lee Roth of Gravy Train!!!! confesses.

eccentric BILLIONAIRESmmmmm, cake

'I want money to waste. I want money to burn. I want slippers made out of clusters of diamonds...' Ed Donnell copes with the current recession. Not.

'If this scares you then have a baked potato with low-fat cottage cheese, you miserable shit. This is food for people who like life in all its gloriousness....' Lard-lovin' Ian Baxter on the grease-appeal of the truckers cafe.


Hello Kitty: what *is* it about this mouthless plastic cat that so fascinates twentysomething females? Julia Grosse on the enduring appeal of Japanese pussy.

say please, bitch
Doc Martens. Leather jackets. Camden. Snogging. Eyeliner. Claudia Conway is..... The Indie Girl!!!! Duck and cover, children!


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Hey Cute Fat Girl!

The Princess and the Pee

Love and Rockets and Foxy Girl Comics

Hello, Hello Kitty


Poor Gay Judd: Why Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club Was A Total Flaming Homo

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A Eunuch - the Ideal Man?

The Ugly Guy

Drugs are Nice


The Perfect Score

The Wierd World of Men's Thrifting

Wonderful Walworth Road

Secondhand Berlin


MC Shystie

Cat Power

Booty bass

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Corn Mo

Is It *Really* So Strange?

Angie Reed Presents Barbara Brockhaus

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