Kit Millings investigates the world of the voluntary eunuch


GIRLS, CAN YOU TAKE THIS IN YOUR STRIDE? Imagine that some form of (and here's the tough word) eunuchdom was respectable, even desirable. This sounds like an invitation to an SM theme party, but look at the arguments before you laugh.

First, there is the health promotion. Voluntary eunuchs have shown in history greater longevity and peace of mind, which can make for a stable and long term relationship between couples. Eunuchs do not invariably lose their erections, but need attention from their partners and can erect when properly stimulated. Impetuosity is reduced in the male and foreplay more desired. This is good for the girl, who can be not only more in control, but can be more caressed over a longer period of time. Cunnilingus is at the fore and can be long lasting and satisfying.


Eunuchs, especially when with a close partner, do not invariably lose desire which becomes more cerebral and emotional rather than animal. Eunuchs were in high demand from society women in the ancient world including ancient Rome, and captured prisoners of war after battle losses sometimes became slaves in rich domestic households, for the purpose of pleasing the mistress of the house. In California today, heterosexual eunuchs, if they wish for it, can and do have female partners who prize them.


Then there is the matter of communication between the sexes. The gentling influence of reduced testosterone can enhance communication between man and woman. There can be more personal contact, conversation and time for understanding. The woman is often aroused by the the partner being in the eunuch state, and the sight of that state is said to arouse. So there is an erotic dimension to the choice.

It is at least arguable that rape and sexual aggression is less likely amongst eunuchs and that sexual crime recidivism minimal in the event of being a eunuch. The male as eunuch is, also, less distracted in the workplace or outside home and can concentrate on work or intellectual matters better.


The emphasis in this article however is on whether more public acceptance of partners or individuals who have chosen this way is in order. After a period of decision making between the couple or by the individual (if alone) proper regulated medical process and counselling is needed. The couple may be private or public about lifestyle in their social connections and public e.g. leisure appearances. Shockingly outrageous or arguable? Please decide on facts and debate, and do not take this article as advice or authoritative information to be acted on. It is solely meant for possible debate, if there is in fact public interest as to whether the matter is in the legitimate public domain for such debate.

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