Friday 22 December 2000
"You Bruised Me"

got in very late last night from band rehearsal and then me and jason went to the bar next to the lux, where we watched a brunette boy and girl and a blond boy and girl get unfeasably smashed on tequila and all kiss each other and then swop partners and then kiss more and then boys kiss boys and girls kiss girls

and then me and jason had a fight (punching arms and legs only) which was cool because he's not weak and afraid like a girl (when i try and fight girls like my sister or andrea they get hurt really easily and try and make it stop) but he doesn't hit as hard as a bloke yet, so i didn't get totally hurt straight away.

we got in late and then me and jason had to play jake and jason's new lady-love our new song even though our arms were bruised and we had dead arms and dead legs and our arms were just handing limply like twigs so he could hardly play guitar and me hardly play keyboards. our new song is called I Want To Fight You In The Street and goes like this:

orange feathered hair sticking out her tongue wiggles when she walks now look what she's done she's kind to me eyes so wide and green feathers on her shoes she's the krautrock queen

oh ... you're a nasty piece of work
i want to fight you in the street because of what you did last week

he's got red hair too smiles at me so nice touches my behind what's he doing with her she stole my booze ripped up my best dress laughed at all my friends left me in a mess


on the way back from the lux bar we met the redhaired boy mentioned in the song coming out of the beigel bake. he looked like the crumpled up paper bag he clutched in his left hand. i wanted to iron him and make him like he used to be. i didn't tell him i put him in a song.

the song's chorus was going to be you fucking slag' but after much discussion it was decided that 'you fucking slag' was a tad strong. too demotic. too ian dury (god rest his soul, coulda sworn, etc.) swearing is fun but you have to do it carefully. you have to make up new words, like, oh, you slutting cock, you manmasturbationdrinking liar, you fuckpit. some swearwords are so old they're wrinkly and weak from overuse, but if you lay them on top of each other, they are strong.

i am very excited by our new song and would like to incorporate a more motowny surfy vibe into trunk (that's the name of our band), because we're tres galaxie 500-ish at the moment. trouble is, i've not listened to very much of that music so i have no idea how to make it, what kind of chords to use. i use a lot of arpeggios because i learnt them at school music lessons. but they're very middle-class and not very surf. just like me, ha ha, hee hee.

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