Monday, 11 December 2000
All Westerners Smell Of Milk

There can be no more decadent perfection than a lump of cheddar.

Courtney love said she lost 40lb by giving up cheese.

Last week's eating patterns were as fucked as the weather. I didn't bite the cheese I had for Wednesday's dinner, though. I sliced it.

Before my friend Belinda quit working in arts admin, her cheese had bitemarks in. I went to hers for dinner once and she made me cheese on toast, carefully slicing round the bitemark and throwing it in the bin.

I'm always mindful of this when I'm tempted by the welcoming surfaces of a smooth, yellow lump of cheese. I even accompanied the lump of cheese with thin discs of cucumber - organic, no less.

'Once upon a time there was a young man named Edward who lived by himself with a great amount of dignity. He had so much dignity that when he made his solitary evening meal every night at six thrity, he always made sure he garnished it with a jaunty little sprig of parsley. That's how he thought the parsley looked: jaunty. Jaunty, and dignified...Only lonely people didn't take pride in their dinners.'

(Douglas Coupland, Generation X, p48)

On Friday I had a danish pastry.

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