Monday, 9 October 2000
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

We just found a kitten. Me and Nico. We were walking back from the New Inn and it popped its head out from the knocked down old house on Sclater Street . You can see the ghost of the house - the space where the fireplace was, the moulding on the one remaining wall. Someone's hung a pair of running shoes by the laces from a nail stuck in the wall over the fireplace.

We think the cat belongs to Running Style Man. Running Style Man owns the shop which used to sell hats and now sells newspapers. He's lost two kittens in the last three weeks. When one runs away he gets a new one.

The kitten's collar was all twisted up around its leg. We carried it to the shop, our shop, which is empty and we're turning into a magic cashless shop where you can swap your clothes and stuff and even old diaries if you want (opening October 21st, fact fans!). Then we decided that the rats which infest the downstairs scary Blair Witch basement might all eat the cat, so now it's upstairs at Nico's house being looked after.

Tomorrow she's going to go and see Running Style Man with the collar. 'Do you recognise this collar?' she'll say. We joke about demanding free milk and newspapers in exchange for returning their kitten in one piece, but I don't think she'll do it.

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