18-year-old diy princess turns trash t-shirts into stylistic gold>>>>>>>>>>>
katie, t-shirt superstar

SO MAYBE YOUR TITS finally got too goddamn heniously boombastic for that baby-t to handle, and every time you put it on, you think you're gonna suffocate.

OR PERHAPS you'd love to wear the Mortal Kombat Deadly Allliance promotional bloodstained t-shirt that your boyfriend nicked for you from the computer game magazine offices, only it's made supra-sized for some kind of extra-large Obese Person, which even on your most premenstrual Imaginary Fat Day, you are not.

BUT FRET NOT! Don't throw them out - it's time to call in... the t-shirt doctor!

-YEAR-OLD KATIE has been deconstructing and reconstructing thrifted t-shirts for the last six months, then posting the results, along with instructions on how to do it yourself, on her site www.ohmystars.net.

, she ended up with hundreds of t-shirts that were too plain, ill-fitting, or unflattering to wear - but she couldn't bear to throw them out. She discovered the livejournal community t_shirt_surgery, became inspired, and started hacking the t-shirts up.

, she says, she couldn't even sew in a straight line - now she's buying fabrics to make shirts from scratch, and designing skirts, bags and badges to sell on the site. 'Whenever I see an item of clothing I really love', says Katie, 'I think… how can I recreate that in my own style?'

PLECTRUMS! Ohmystars.net also shows how to make plectrum earrings, just like those available from the Chicks on Speed shop or at Tatty Devine for large sums of money. You can buy sweet skull and crossbones plectrums from the guitar shops on Denmark St, London for about a pound.

IF YOU'D LIKE A BIT OF DIY ACTION, visit www.ohmystars.net to discover how to make your own plain t-shirts into cute 50-style halter tops with ruched seams and ruffled sleeves, just like Katie. It's cinchy and fun! What are you waiting for?!!?


W H E R E ?
Unspecified charity shop, North Woolwich

W H E N ?
July 2004.

W H A T ?
Oh my god, it's a Le Creuset casserole pot. Goddamn, they sure are chaz-blind in South London. Don't they know quality? Don't they know this shit costs £70 brand new? Don't they know... oh my god, it's full of old, mouldy, casserole. YUMMY! *does sick*

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T H R I F T   F A C T I O D

Then again, there's always BARTERING. Have a clothes swap in your front room and give the leftovers to charity. No cash involved. Revolution!!!!