booty bass
'Disco D got his cock out the other day and slapped me across the face with it. And you know what? I... I liked it.'*

*(Female voice on DJ Fatman's I Wanna)

I like booty bass. I like big buTTS and I can-NOT lie - no, wait. Sorry. Miami booty bass, ghetto-tech, accelerated funk - call it what you will, there's nothing quite like it to make your hips go bomp.

It's a synthesis of hip-hop, electro, techno and drum'n'bass; a combo of hyperspeed beats, sleazy bass reverb, turntable tricks, and explicit lyrics.

Some of the finest examples of the genre can be seen on last year's mix album from Disco D, A Night at the Booty Bar (Tommy Boy); and the figurehead of the whole movement must surely be DJ Assault, whose Jefferson Avenue album has just been re-released on Inuit-Solar records.

DJ Deeon, DJ Zap, DJ Profit, DJ Nehpets, DJ Fatman, DJ Skip, and DJ Nasty: I've got no idea who any of these are, but they're all on A Night at the Booty Bar. Like most dance music, what's important is less the individual producers of the tracks, more the overriding mood; and the overriding mood of booty bass, or ghetto-tech (as Disco D calls it) is this: I HAVE A MASSIVE BONER AND I INTEND TO STICK IT UP A HOE'S ASS.

Sex drips and oozes off these records: lewd, lascivious, deliberately offensive. This is a music which celebrates men exploiting women for voyeuristic and sexual gratification: the lexicon is 'titties', 'ass', 'pussy', 'hoes', 'bitches', 'suck', 'fuck', and 'freak'.

Now here at AMP we're way down with the rough stuff, but not when it gets just plain... lame. On Jefferson Avenue the women are told how to dress ('I like those girls with them g-strings on / you don't see no panty lines'), what to expect if they don't meet Assault's hygiene standards ('skank-ass bitches / who need to wash up/ don't get mad when I don't wanna fuck / you need soap and water') and how to react when your liaison with him reaches its inevitable, eye-stinging climax ('hoe don't cry / when I nut in your eye / let it drip down your face / trick, how does it taste?'). Thanks for the advice, Assault m8!

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